Page for campus GIS content and workshops

30 Jun

This page is used specifically for disseminating UNCP geospatial technology workshop materials and the occasional demo. If you would like to find more information from me, please head over to the portal to my various digital resources at

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Very Rough Sample Shell

21 Apr

Saturday, Very Rough

Sunday, a little less rough, but no ceiling…though with a techno celtic soundtrack

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SONTH 2017

11 Jul

Geospatial Technologies Presentation from July 11 as PDF

Links in presentation

Google Maps –

ArcGIS Online –


ChangeMatters –

Scene –

Nations –

Conservation (GA) –

Conservation (WA) –

Landscape –

Arctic –

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SNCURCS poster prep – October 13, 2014

12 Oct

Creating Posters (ppt)
Creating Effective Poster (doc)
Sample Poster (ppt)

Poster uploads to Submitting a Poster under Departmental Facilities on the UNCP Department of Geology and Geography page.
SNCURCS website
PURC Symposium website
NCAS website

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RISE poster prep workshop

25 Feb

Creating Posters (ppt)
Creating Effective Poster (doc)
Sample Poster (ppt)

Poster uploads to
PURC Symposium website
NCAS website

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Sample Herp map

17 Dec

View Larger Map

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New article published – Story of places

29 Oct

I am the coauthor on a recently published invited article for a Special Issue on Informatics Scholarship in Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal. The paper, entitled “Telling the Story of Places: Experiential Learning through the Design and Development of Immersive Virtual Landscapes”, was written with Dr Susan Bergeron of the Department of Politics and Geography at Coastal Carolina University. The abstract states:

The notion of a unique spatial narrative, a story of an individual experience in a virtual landscape, can be a powerful tool in bringing informatics to education. Learning by experience is an innate part of our world, and we can leverage those life skills to actively involve students by not only providing them with an immersive virtual environment that can be explored, but also by actively involving students in the process of designing and developing the virtual landscape and its content. By participating directly in the process of creating the elements that will tell the story of a place, students learn about that place as they actively participate in building the virtual landscape and its story.

The full article is available from the Polymath webpage as a PDF.

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ArcGIS 10.1

19 Jul

While ArcGIS 10.2 will be released shortly we have gone with ArcGIS 10.1 for the fall ’13 semester for a few reasons.

    DoIT needed to get software on computers for the fall
    The workbook 1 for ArcGIS from Esri that I generally point students to just released the 10.1 edition
    For the first time in a LONG time, map documents are compatible across versions. If you install 10.2 on your faculty computer and save an mxd, you will be able to open that mxd in the labs on 10.1

All of that said, if you have heard about a feature in ArcGIS 10.2 that you want access to for your teaching/research/administrative activities let me know and we should be able to get your machine updated. Do keep in mind that our license does limit some uses, but it is very liberal.

Finally, if you would like access to our ArcGIS Online for Organizations credits, email your ArcGIS Online login (username, not the password) and I will add your account.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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Geography track coming this Fall

29 May

As I have told many a student, we will be adding a second track to our new Geoenvironmental Studies major in the Fall 2013 semester. The Geography track will act as somewhat of a counterpoint to the existing Geoscience track. The Geoscience track has a more direct Geology and science focus intended to prepare students for the study of the earth and its makeup. The Geography track will be more of a social science and human:environment interaction focus that will allow students to build on their core knowledge of earth science to understand how people impact (or are impacted by) the systems in which we live.

Both tracks will provide a strong core of study that will range from a broad understanding of the world from physical, cultural, and technological perspectives, to upper level classes that dig deeper into specific topics. The variations in the tracks allow an amount of freedom to consider specific interests while providing a solid focus for graduate study and opportunities in the workforce.

Feel free to swing by the department office in 213 Old Main or our website at to find out more about the Geoenvironmental Studies major.

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Spring 2013

29 Jan

A quick thanks to everyone who came to the three intro GIS sessions in the fall semester. This semester I am taking a break from workshops unless there is specific interest. If you have a working group or simply a question, feel free to send me an email to arrange a get together, otherwise I am writing and GISing on a couple of older projects I want to wrap up.

I am planning a series of workshops for the next academic year that are more map and information/data centered (maybe even a little infographics) that are intended for a broad audience of faculty, staff, and students. If folks are interested I hope to make the series continuous with physical meetings every couple of weeks and an online compenent that will fill the gaps and allow more interaction and support. Maybe even an unconference, monkeys controlling the zoo, approach if everyone is into it.

More details as the semester progresses.

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