ArcGIS Hands-on Workshop

18 Oct
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    Introduction to GIS/Geospatial workshop

    27 Sep
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    Upcoming workshops

    17 Sep

    For those not familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) such as ArcGIS, I plan to hold a two-hour informational session on Thursday, September 27 at 3:00 PM to cover what GIS is and how it might help you handle spatial/locational data in your discipline. This session will take place in 256 Old Main, the Cartography Lab.

    On Thursday, October 18, I will host a two-hour session that will provide hands-on experience with ArcGIS Desktop. This session will focus on the interface and data access, but you will also have access to online training to go a little deeper on your own after the session.

    On Thursday, November 1, I will host a two-hour hands-on session for ArcGIS Online that will focus on finding maps and data on as well as making your own map to share online.

    If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, gaining access to the software, or accessing online training for the software please contact me via email at

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    GIS Users Group

    31 Dec

    As mentioned in the email I sent out to the faculty during Geography Awareness Week in November, I will attempt to schedule a first meeting for a campus GIS Users Group. There are a good number of folks on campus using GIS, but we have not had much communication since I arrived on campus a couple of years ago…which just happens to be when we got a campus wide software license. Check the campus GIS listserv ( to put in your two cents worth on the schedule for the meeting and I will be sure to post the day/time and agenda. Primary on the agenda will be to make clear what software we carry licenses for and what open source options you might use to fill in the gaps for your teaching or research needs.

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    New courses/projects for Spring 2012

    29 Dec

    I will be teaching a new class (for me) this semester…check out GGY3770, Geography of American Indians. The course will meet MWF at 10:10. We will look at the peopling of the americas through today and look at human:environment interaction as well as cultural/societal change and tensions in prehistoric and historic periods. Basically a bit of everything space and place throughout the americas.

    I will also be working with a small number of students to create a digital reconstruction of the UNCP campus to mark the 125th anniversary of the university. Please contact me if you are interested in taking part in the project.

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    Geography Awareness Week

    11 Nov

    Once again we have reached Geography Awareness Week (Nov 13-19). We do not have anything specific planned this year for campus, but you can check out National Geographic’s content at

    Also, be sure to check out GIS Day on Wednesday to contemplate how Geographic Information Systems and related geospatial technologies can impact your work.

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    Episode 00 of Observing the Earth

    05 Apr

    I put up a pre-episode that I put together to test hardware and work out kinks before the first episode…you can find the episode and the new site at

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    Coming soon:

    23 Mar

    As part of my NC Space Grant I will be rolling out a podcast series in early April. The podcasts will focus on Earth Observation data, tools, and examples from across disciplines. There will be a mix of video and audio podcasts but most will be fairly brief (5-10 minutes). Check back for the official launch information.

    The new podcast has been taking my focus off of Spatial@UNCP, but I will try to get it back on track, at least 1 a month, as I get a stockpile of Observing The Earth episodes completed.

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    Cartography, Fall 2011

    23 Mar

    Cartography, GGY2500, is the first course in our ‘geospatial track’ and provides an introduction to the wealth of geospatial data and technologies that are used almost all disciplines today. The lectures and in-class labs will focus on map reading and interpretation, spatial data, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and web mapping technologies as they relate to presenting information through maps. The class will meet MWF at 11:15-12:05 in 1246 Oxendine. Other courses in the ‘geospatial track’ that will be taught in future semesters are Intro to Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing.

    GGY2500 is a required course for the Environmental Science major and Geography Minor and Concentration.

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    Off to the NC GIS Conference

    16 Feb

    I am off to this year’s NC GIS Conference in Raleigh. This event occurs every other year and has become known as one of the country’s foremost local GIS events. I will add occasional updates to this post through the Academic Assembly on Wednesday and then through the conference on Thursday and Friday.

    The afternoon at the Academic Assembly has kicked off with Greg Ferrara talking about ITRE at NCSU and their work with the NC SHP on motor carrier enforcement.

    Next is Eric Lester talking about IAVO’s application GeoGenesis including their free version GeoGensis Lite which you can download and play around with.

    After a quick break Ken Galluppi from RENCI is talking about geoanalytics with a lot of focus on cloud. Switching to Jeff Heard to continue…looking at an infrastructure to build what Ken was talking about. the Big Board…teleconferencing over a map aka real time interactive map.

    Now Ann Moss Joyner with Cedar Grove Institute is taking us to the use of GIS for advocacy and social justice.

    I just sat down from my presentation. I talked about NCView and why other institutions should join.

    Chris Badurek of ASU is talking about monitoring rural sprawl which I can say is definitely an issue in Watauga Co. and I hope to add to it some day 😉

    Thanks to Jeff Essic of NCSU for putting together the Academic Assembly.

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